SUNSHINE MOMENTS is a website dedicated to the sunny moments in life. In September 2011 I started to post regularly pictures of sunshine moments on the conformed Facebook site. But it started a way earlier that I got fascinated by celebrating the daily sunrise and sunset.

Although the sun is always the same, the light and colors are quite different every time. Which makes every single moment so special.

Sunshine moments depicts manly landscape images during sunrise or sunset but also whatever happens under the bright sunlight. Based close to Vienna most of the pictures are from Austria. As I am already collecting these pics since my life changing round the world trip 2006, you will also find some more exotic pics from all over the world.

Especailiy during the winter months I often leave the city to capture the sun when it’s close to the horizon. Sometimes it shines just 15 minuntes a day, while the rest of the day, it’s covered by clouds and fog. These highlights posted to your newsfeed on Facebook are hopefully pleasant little presents that reminds you that the sun is still shining outside your office cubicle.

So join me at and share your special sunshine moment with us.

shine on!